Technical specifications

BODY AND FRAME - Unibody construction. Curb weight 2112 lbs. Dry weight 2040 lbs.

ENGINE - Four cilinder in line, with polyspherical combustion chambers and overhead valve arrangement. Bore, 3.03 in. Stroke 3.12 in. Displacement, 90.4 cu in. Compression ratio, 8.8:1. Horsepower (SAE), 80 at 5200 rpm. Torque, 86.6 lbs ft. at 3200 rpm. Two barrel carburator. Centrifugal and supplementary by-pass oil filters. Thermostatically controlled fan with electromagnetic coupling. Cooling system capacity, 1.52 gals. Fuel tank capacity, 10 gals. Oil sump capacity, 3.7 qts.

CLUTCH - Single dry plate, 8 inch diameter.

TRANSMISSION - 4-speed gearbox. Sychro on second third and fourth gears. Gearshift lever on floor tunnel.

Gearbox ratios: 4th 1:1, 3rd 1.38:1, 2nd 2.09:1, 1st 3.38:1, Rev. 3.38:1

Final drive ratio, 3.9 to 1. Gearbox oil capacity, 1.16 qts.
Rear axle oil capacity, 0.95 qts.

TRANSMISSION SHAFT - In two sections with central bearings and cardan joints at second section ends.

SUSPENSION - Front: independent, with coil springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. Rear semi-elliptic spring, with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

STEERING - Worm and roller mechanism. Turning circle 34 ft.

BRAKES - Power assisted, 9.8 in. diameter discs on front, 9.8 in. diameter, aluminum finned drums, with self-centering shoes, on rear. Parking and emergency brake, acting on rear brake shoes.

WHEELS AND TIRES - Disc wheels with 3 J rims. 145x14 Pirelli "Cinturato" radial cord tires.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM - 12-Volt, 400-Watt generator, 53 Amp./hr. battery.

TRUNK USABLE SPACE - 7.1 cu. ft.

MAXIMUM SPEED - Approx. 100 MPH. Power Brakes at no extra cost:
Front disc brakes, finned drum rear brakes with self-centering shoes, provide an outstanding combination of fast yet smooth braking action.